Let Me Support You

I never believed recovery was possible for me. After years of being stuck in the constant cycle of restriction, binging and purging with multiple hospital admissions and too many therapy sessions to count even the doctors had given up on me. I was considered a lost case. But deep down somewhere I still had hope that it had to get better than this, better than this life of self loathing and shame. It’s been a long 10 year journey to recovery but with that little bit of hope I have been able to slowly recovery day by day. 

There is no right way to recover, there is only YOUR way to recover! I want to provide individuals struggling with the support I was always searching for, to talk to someone who understands and who can give hope. Because the truth is if you HAVE HOPE you can get better. Let me be there for you as a support network and a friend, whether its meal support, support sessions or just being about of my hopeful community. Together with hope we can all recovery… all you need is HOPE. 

Coming Soon to you…
During & After Meal Support Sessions 
Ed Recovery Support Sessions 
Ed Recovery Community 


Contact with me if your interested… I can’t wait to meet you.

In the mean time please check out my Recovery Resources that have helped me through my journey of recovery!