Weekly W.R.A.P Up

Sorry this week’s WRAP up is a little late, but nevertheless here it is!! Hope you enjoy. xx

The Keeping on Netflix

This show is the perfect mix of drama, crime & mystery if your into that stuff, I seriously sat down and watched the whole season in one sitting it was that good.


An overlooked secret to effectiveness (and happiness)

Knowing where ‘enough’ is.
More might be better for awhile, but sooner or later, it can’t always be better. Diminishing returns are the law, not an exception.
If we look to advertisers, marketers, bosses, doctors, partners and suppliers to tell us when we’ve reached ‘enough’, we’re almost certainly going to get it wrong.
It’s okay to stop when you’re happy.
Is more always better? Sometimes, only better is better…

Found on Seth Godin’s Blog.

Buddhify meditation app.

I know everyone often recommends Headspace or Clam but this one is by far my favourite. There is only one up front cost for the app, none of that subscription stuff and then you have access to guided meditations for basically everyone moment in life. I look using it every morning and before I fall asleep at night or even just in the middle of the day when I just need to take a second to reconnect with the present moment and not let myself get too caught up in my head. It’s the perfect meditation act for any moment and for any lengthen of time. So try it out!!

Good Life Podcast : Time Ferriss The Story Beyond the Tools

You may be noting a theme with my podcasts I swear I do listen to more than just Tim Ferriss related episodes but he is also my major brain crush and just everything he says is genius and inspiring. His podcast and listening to any interviews he does are like gold mines of enthralling insight that I find fascinating and so relevant. His ability to excel and experiment in life I find inspiring and I also find his opinion to be refreshing and real. So basically listening to anything Tim has to say is well worth the time and usually noteworthy.

My Personal Podcast Summary:

  • Money:
    • Different types of people with money (old money, self made money, married into wealth, cant actually afford it but pretend like they can.
    • There are different ways to spend wealth. Money just makes you more of who you are and often exaggerates the negatives more than the positives.
    • Money can not buy you out of anything and should not be used to fix your problems.
  • The importance of having some form of meditation practice to help in maintaining deep focus and being present, while improving quality of life. Whether its guided meditation, mantras,  yoga or exercise some form of practice that allows you to observe your own thoughts and feelings so you can better respond to situations. It also allows you to maintain focus in any situation while also becoming less reactive, which helps not only in performance but also in gratitude.
  • Spending time with your parents and appreciating them, because once you leave home you have already spent approximately 90% of the in person time you will have with your parents.
  • Making a habit of taking time each day to stop and take note mentally of 3 things to be grateful for and just appreciate what already is.
  • Being a teacher and learning how to do anything. And then using your skills to help make people better than you.
  • Spending time aboard as a way to gain perspective, find yourself and grow.
  • Having a good life is having a deliberate life. And when having to say yes and no to opportunities and whether or not they align with the essences of who you are and want to be.
  • The need to improve yes/no filters in your life, when you reach a certain point of success. When your beginning it’s good to say yes to most opportunities but as you grow and define your life you need to begin to say yes to only the ‘hell yes’ in life and no to everything else.
  • “Every decision you make costs you something.”
  • Looking at opportunities and situation in what meta-skills you can learn and develop which can then be transferred to other areas in life.
  • Learning that if you don’t look after yourself first you are unable to look after the people around you.
  • The importance of seeing beauty in things that are meaningless. It is liberating it is to learn how to appreciate and do things that are beautiful but purposeless, rather than trying to always find the meaning in life.
  • Star gazing mediation to clam anxiety and gain perspective on life. (I do this whenever I get back from a night time run and it is honestly one of the most calming and beautiful practices that has always help no matter how impossible everything feels, star gazing has always helped given me perspective and just appreciation.
  • If you never learn how to appreciate the small things and wins in life you will never be able to enjoy the big wins.

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