Weekly W.R.A.P Up

John Wick Movie

This was seriously one of the best bad ass action movies I’ve seen in a long time. I don’t understand how I have gone this long without seeing it, I feel like an action movie fraud because I was yet to appreciate this gem. It was like the perfect mix of everything in 90 minutes. To make this better there is a second one that’s just been released.. So I know what  I’m going to be seeing next week in the cinema…

The Tail End on waitbutwhy.com

This blog post Tim Ferriss has been recommended on several podcasts I’ve been listening to and I finally got round to reading it. And god I’m glad I did. It essentially puts a human life in visual perspective and give you some scary facts like by the time we have graduated high school you have already spent ~93% of your in-person time with your parents. Considering I’m currently in New Zealand visiting my grandparents this post really hit home about making the most of the short time we have on this Earth. It is so easy at times to get caught up in the stress of the world and lose perspective so I found the way this post illustrated time in visual images particularly useful for regaining perspective of time.

The 3 Main Points:

  1. Live in the same place as the people you love and maximise the time you spend with them.
  2. Make a list of the priorities in your life that matter.
  3. Time is precious so appreciate and make the most of it.

The little things in life, like getting to feel the wind on my face and feel the air soak into my chest as I run. I’m currently over in New Zealand enjoying a week with my grandparents so I’m taking a moment to step back and appreciate each moment with them while learning from their wisdom and laughing at the lessons they have learnt. It’s been nice to take this time to just stop and appreciate being, breathing and nothing more. No expectation but rather just enjoying the meaningless beauty that the world holds. I’ve been loving going for a nice long run each day in the cool winter air, getting to feel the crisp breeze and the burn and just being present. I’m naturally incline to feeling as though nothing is ever enough that there is always more or better. So I find it really therapeutic to occasionally just catch myself and bask in the moment of life rather than looking towards the future.

Take a moment to go outside and breathe, feel your chest expand with air and exhale with letting it rush out. Just be there in the second. Appreciate the fact that your breathing and your hearts still beating, because being alive means no matter how much pain your in you have the chance to change it, while your still alive anything is possible. It’s truly a beautiful thing to sometimes just take a second to just appreciate, appreciate it all.

Good Life Podcast : The Truth About Money and Happiness

This was a really engaging podcast which brought me some further enlightenment around the topic of money and happiness. I’ve always felt a lot of resentment towards money and that it always controlled me, I think mainly because I’ve grown up in a household where no matter how much money we made, we never had enough. Also currently not have a steady income tends to make me feel very insecure in my finical future and out of control. The fact is it’s true that money makes the world go round and to some degree it certainly can buy happiness, but this podcast brought to light some new arguments and research findings for me to consider. Money matters but it isn’t everything and it definitely does not guarantee happiness.

My Personal Podcast Points:

  • Old research showed that happiness does not increase once income meets ones basic needs and any money above that does not improve happiness levels
  • NEW research showed that there is no gap in the income and happiness/life satisfaction meaning that happiness is seen to increase exponentially with income (the more you earn the happier you are)
  • BUT this research doesn’t take into account how people are spending their money… can you buy happiness in the way you spend money?
  • Money doesn’t buy happiness is WRONG because money allows you to buy better health and time SO if money can technically buy happiness why doesn’t it?
  • The PROBLEM is people don’t understand what truly makes them happy. Rich people simply buy the same but more expensive things as poor people which don’t make them happy.
  • 5 Ways to Spend your Money that Increases your Happiness
    1. Buy experiences not stuff. Key to this also to do experiences or activities that fully engage your mind. Stuff will not make you happy but experiences you can enjoy and remember can make you money.
    2. Spend money on other people. Giving connects you to other people, and it doesn’t matter if they are a stranger.
    3. Choose many little things over one big thing. Try spreading small sources of happiness over time instead one big moment of happiness (this prevents your happiness scale from adapting so you are still able to appreciate and enjoy small sources of happiness.  (example break a small chocolate bar into 4 pieces and enjoy it over 4 days rather than eating the whole bar at once)
    4. Pay before you play, delay the gratitude. Instant gratification is a serious cause of unhappiness, because we no longer know how to wait. Waiting and anticipating something and getting the imagine it ‘perfectly’ makes you happier than the reality.
    5. Buy time. Time has become one of our most precious asset in a time poor world. So spend time on things that will ultimately give you more time to do things that makes you happy.
  • As income rises, life gets better. BUT it is more about how you spend your money rather than the fact you have more money.
  • Make more MONEY to make a more MEANINGFUL and therefore happy life.

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